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Astrology Solutions for Delay in Marriage

Every parent has dreams regarding the marriage of their child. At the same time, all the young men and women want that they get their desired life partner. But sometimes there are some hurdles in the matters of marriage. In such a situation, if despite many efforts, people whose marriage is getting delayed, then these astrological remedies can prove to be effective for marriage yoga. According to astrology, if the boy is not able to get married even after the girl is eligible for marriage, then the reason for this can also be Kundali defects. Contact Best Astrologer of the World. There are many such planets in the horoscope which create obstacles in the matters of marriage. Being Manglik is also a reason for delay in marriage. The seventh house is the karaka house of marriage, if there is a vision of auspicious planets and Guru Venus, then the marriage takes place quickly.
There are many people who are not able to get married at the right age even after being established in their career, due to some doshas present in such horoscope. Consult Best Astrologer of Mumbai. Some such yogas have been told in the horoscope, which delay marriage. Due to these yogas, there are unreasonable obstacles in the marriage of a suitable boy or girl, and even after many efforts, the marriage does not happen quickly. It is very important to check whether late marriage yoga or early marriage is indicated in your horoscope at the time of marriage prediction in astrology. In some horoscopes, complete denial or no marriage is indicated, but there are some yogas which suggest that marrying late will be good for you and if you get married early then the relationship may also break. Meet Best Astrologer of India. So astrology can not only help you to understand early marriage or late marriage but can also guide you in taking the right decision and most importantly if you take advice and consult from the Best Astrologer A J Oberoi at the right time for marriage then you will get the result much faster than expected.