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Connection between Health and Astrology

Astrology is a subject on the basis of which information about the present, past and future of any person can be obtained. Moreover, it can also be found out that when such a person is going to suffer from which disease. According to astrology, diseases are related to planets because every planet affects some part of the body. To find out more on health issues you must consult Best Astrologer of the World.
Not only do you become ill or healthy due to the presence of disease-causing planetary positions in the birth chart, but dashas also plays an important role. There is a complete possibility of the person being troubled by diseases.
By looking at the birth chart of any person, not only the time of disease, but also which disease is there, can come to know. You can check your horoscope from Best Astrologer of Mumbai Ajatt Oberoi.
To keep the body healthy, it is very important to adopt the health tips of astrology. Many of you will be aware and serious about health tips. Many people take various measures to keep their body fit, which is a good thing, because a healthy body is our biggest wealth. Many times you must have heard people saying that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. This proverb refers to our healthy life. But we need to know that healthy life does not mean here only healthy life, but all round development of human being is healthy life. This shows the state of physical, mental and social well being of a human being. You must consult with the Best Astrologer of India Ajatt Oberoi on your health.