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When we think about divorce, it gives a bad impression on the people involved, no one wants their relationship to end with a divorce, but sometimes it does. It is often asked whether astrology can help in surviving divorce/separation or not. The answer to this question you will find in Astrology, Consult Best Astrologer of India it can make you aware in advance about the possibilities of divorce in your life. It is absolutely true that if anyone comes across any information or indication about such thing, he will try to be vigilant against it. This blog can prove to be more effective for you to seriously understand the topic of role of astrology in averting divorce or separation.
When two people of different nature start living under the same roof after marriage, then some problems or difficulties often arise in it. Having a problem doesn't mean that you should end the relationship. People often think whether divorce or separation is the only solution to marital life issues or there is some other way out. The answer is, ending a relationship or divorce should not always be the last resort to finding peace; sometimes, you need to think calmly before taking any decision. If both the partners want things to work out, then nothing can stop them from overcoming the problems in their marriage. But if both the partners want to separate, then no one can stop them from getting divorced. Meet Best Astrologer of World.
Another thing that often comes to the mind of people is that if astrology can indicate all aspects of life, then what are the signs of divorce in the birth chart for a person and how will we know it. Actually, in astrology we get to see the signs of divorce; just need to understand them by analyzing the horoscope. The sign of divorce can get to know from a person's birth chart. In the horoscope, Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun are the planets that break marriages. It is necessary to consider the position of Venus and Jupiter while predicting marriage and divorce. Only a qualified astrologer can analyze it. Contact Best Astrologer of Mumbai.
People get the horoscopes matched for the happy life of the bride and groom. So, that you do not have to face any kind of difficulties in married life. People who have a defect in their horoscope, either that defect is corrected or those natives are not married. According to astrology, it is related to the planets, which creates a situation like divorce. Here you will know that what are the faults in the horoscope, due to which the chances of marriage break up of married people are created.
If the qualities of the bride and groom's horoscope are not matched well before marriage, then the situation of divorce arises. According to astrology, it is necessary to get at least 18 gunas in the horoscope of the bride and groom to be matched.