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Parkinson Disease Treatment Through Medical Astrology

This is a very rare topic to discuss which is called PARKINSON. This is a very rare disease, but nowadays its effects are seen very frequently, its solution will be through medical astrology, which I will tell you now. The medical treatment that is done does not heal quickly; the treatment takes 2-3 years to cure it, which is called Parkinson. Consult Best Astrologer in India. Now let me give you a basic explanation on Parkinson what exactly it is, Your body’s muscles become so much weak that if you hold the glass for a while, your hand starts moving or shivering and many of the body muscles keeps shivering, This means you are affected by Parkinson’s. and in future you may suffer more. At times half part of the body starts shivering due to Parkinson. In the beginning it only vibrates but if you do not do the treatment then it may get increase and it starts giving more problem and it may even convert in to paralysis. In astrological way, the entire parts of our body heart, communication, lungs, kidney these things can be boost through planets, all the entire parts of our body, bones, nerves and muscles can be boost through one planet which is connected to them. A small example if any person has a problem of bones and doctor gives calcium tablets to that person to make the bones strong and after having 2-3 months their bones starts to become strong because of those calcium tablets. In some people’s horoscope it shows that their body muscles are weak because the planet which is connected to these muscles are weak that’s why these muscles are weak and if you boost that planet the muscles will become strong because it is connected to them.

Now which ever age you are if you feel you are noticing the symptoms of Parkinson then that can be boost through two planets easily and the rays of those planets starts passing in your body and it starts becoming strong and tight and then you will start feeling that your muscles have started becoming strong back again. If you go to the doctor for this treatment, he will say it will take time like 2-3 years for this to get cure but if you go to do this through medical astrology it will become fine between 3-8 months with permanent solution. But the doctor even says that there is no permanent solution for this illness and will have to continue taking medicines for that problem but it is not like this medical astrology is an ancient science and it works from the root and it can be said during the childhood only that in which age the person will get Parkinson. Meet Best Astrologer in World. I can tell you the symptoms of it now all these things are connected to each other, if someone has migraine then that person’s sun is weak and it is connected to head, right eyes, heart, bones and digestive system so if sun is weak then all these five things will be weak, same way if the planet is strong which is connected to muscles then you will not the problem of Parkinson. Now a symptom related to Parkinson now after getting up from sleep, while sleeping or during the sexual relation you get cramps that means your muscle are very weak, this means anytime in future you may face a problem of Parkinson but we can even stop this thing to happen like I said we can boost the planet which is connected to the muscles of your body. So, if you ever come across these symptoms definitely consult the doctor and the medical astrologer as well because both are there to help with your problem and this can be solved through their roots. Contact Best Astrologer in Mumbai.