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The movement of planets, their dasha and direction decides a lot in our life. Whatever happens to us, good or bad, it all depends on the position of our planets. But do you know that these planets also have to do with the structure of our body. Consult Best Astrologer of the World. Obesity is a physical problem. Obesity of the body also feasts on other diseases. People who are obese are more likely to get diseases like diabetes, insomnia and osteoarthritis. People have this problem due to irregular routine, insomnia, irregular eating habits. The amount of fat in the body increases. In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered to be the factor of growth. If the planet Jupiter is weak in the horoscope of a person, it is being aspected by an enemy planet or he is suffering due to the conjunction of his enemy planet, then such a person has to go through the problem of obesity. Jupiter is mainly responsible for increasing obesity in the body. Apart from this, the moon makes a person chubby.
Obesity has become a common problem in today's hectic life. Obesity can be caused due to poor diet, stress or many other reasons. Due to increasing obesity, there is a possibility of getting many serious diseases. People also go to gym or yoga center to reduce obesity. Not only this, some other ways are also taken, but even after this obesity does not reduce. In such a situation, obesity can be reduced by astrological solutions. Meet Best Astrologer of Mumbai. According to astrologers, obesity can be a problem at any age due to hormones. But problems related to hormones can also be due to dosha in planets. If you are fat from birth - When the Moon is strong, the child is chubby from birth. In most cases, later such children become thin, if they are obese at the age of 9 years - usually Rahu and Jupiter are behind it. Due to Jupiter, greed for food increases and due to Rahu, a person has a habit of eating upside down. Because of this, obesity starts increasing rapidly. It is also important to know what astrology says about obesity because astrology gives solutions to every problem of life. First of all know from the point of view of astrology, who can have the problem of obesity. Contact Best astrologer of India A J oberoi for the solution on obesity.