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Although the investigation and treatment of diseases is the job of a doctor, astrology can definitely tell by looking at your horoscope that which diseases your body is more sensitive to, that is, which diseases you are most likely to get contact best astrologer of Mumbai. On the occasion of World Heart Day 2020, September 29, we are talking about such planetary positions or yogas formed in the horoscope, which increases the chances of heart diseases. Sun is the karaka of the heart. If the Sun is very afflicted in the horoscope, that is, it has a sinful effect on it, then the chances of heart diseases increase. The Sun gets afflicted by the conjunction or vision of Mars or Saturn. With sufficient malefic effects in the horoscope, if the conditions of such planets are found, which are related to the Sun then they can give heart disease. Also, it can make the disease more serious.
Astrology gives information about every moment that happens in a person's life. When and at which age, what disease he will have and what can be its solution. Since nowadays heart disease is increasing rapidly and it is happening to people of every age, so today in this article we will discuss heart disease. In astrology, there are certain planets, yoga and horoscope positions responsible for heart disease. There are also many yogas of planets from which diseases can be detected. For this it is necessary that you show your horoscope to a qualified and knowledgeable and best astrologer of the world.
Heart attack means that when the blood supply to the heart stops and the heart muscle starts to deteriorate, then the problem of heart attack occurs. Heart attacks can come on suddenly. A heart attack occurs when blood does not reach the heart due to a blockage in the blood vessels. Silent attack is a type of heart attack. That is, during a heart attack, the symptoms usually last for half an hour. Rest or medicine does not provide relief. It can range from minor pain to severe pain. Many people do not show symptoms of a heart attack, which is called silent myocardial infarction (MI). It mostly occurs in diabetic patients.


Cardiac arrest is also a type of heart attack; it is a condition of the heart in which the heart suddenly stops working. The person faints. If not treated immediately, it can even kill within a few minutes. Because of this, the arteries of the heart are completely blocked. For initial treatment, compression is given to the person's chest and breath is given through the mouth.
A doctor can diagnose the patient and tell the disease only when the disease has happened, but through the birth chart, all the diseases are known on the day that person is born on this earth. From the very first day itself, it can be told that when will the person suffer from which disease, what age will the person get specs to wear. Consult the best astrologer in India for complete birth analysis.