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To Stop Drug and Alcohol Addiction through Astrology Remedies

After becoming addicted to alcohol or any other kind of intoxicant, every person says that bad company made him addicted to them, he himself wanted to stay away. The truth is that it is all the influence of the planets present in the person's horoscope. Consult Best Astrologer in the World.
A person consumes alcohol or intoxicants only when the Moon in his horoscope is with Rahu. The other position of Rahu in the horoscope also makes a person an alcoholic.
If Rahu is in his debilitated sign Scorpio and the Moon is aspected by Saturn, Mars, Ketu, then the person may become addicted to alcohol. But if there is a vision of Jupiter on the Moon, a person can be free from the consumption of intoxicants. Meet Best Astrologer of India to come out of this situation.
According to Astrologyi, when the relation of Rahu and Venus is formed in the horoscope of a person, then the person can become an alcoholic. If Venus is debilitated, then the person is also addicted to alcohol and other intoxicants. 
In astrology, along with problems, their solutions have also been told. If Venus is made strong and auspicious, then one can get freedom from intoxication. To really get out of this you must have good astrologer to guide with accurate solutions and remedies and for sure you will be out of such situation. Contact Best Astrologer in Mumbai for best results.