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  • Fengshui Consultant For Business and Career
Fengshui Consultant For Business and Career.
Fengshui Consultant For Business and Career.
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1.Corporate Strategy:

“Mr. Ajatt Oberoi” is a highly acclaimed strategy advisor and business consultant to top executives and project teams around the world.

In most major corporations around the globe there are a variety of high-level decisions that must be made around what products to offer customers, which competitors are taking away business and who to put in the right jobs to ensure the company succeeds. Just to the right of the company CEO is the corporate strategy advisor. We provide professional consultations using various metaphysics tools that help oversees just about every aspect of the business to ensure strategic plans are working effectively and that the company will remain competitive.


2. Profiling and Personal Assessment:

BaZi is a non-biased and non-judgmental profiling and personal assessment tool used to improve effectiveness and productivity. Based on the Date and Time of birth of a person, BaZi unlike any other questions based profiling systems – cannot be manipulated.

Designed primarily for hiring managers and people who make decisions on hiring, BaZi profiling can help determine a candidate’s behavior, character, traits, talents and roles inherent in their personal charts. More importantly, it helps facilitate business owners to make better decisions by knowing what really motivates these individuals and how to manage them.


3. DRT Profiling:

The Decision Referential Technology™ Profiling System is designed for career seekers and business leaders, the DRT traces its roots to the fundamental principles of the ancient time-tested system of Chinese Astrology, which has evolved over the years to become simpler and more applicable in today's workforce context.

Instead of telling you what you already know about yourself, the DRT system emphasizes on your career options and how you could maximize your career. The DRT Profiling System evaluates three levels of your personal nature and characteristics - it looks at Who You Are, How You Approach The World, and What You Do?


4.Project Consultant:

In the property development industry, we are well versed in commercial, residential and industrial types ofprojects. Our involvement within the development industry spreads across various stages including land selection, architecture and design, groundbreaking and sales & marketing.

Our teams of experts have a wealth of consultancy experience and specialist knowledge that cater to financial industries, professional architects and award-winning interior designers. We provide a comprehensive range of professional project consulting services that work in tandem to the said industries.


Business Advisory:

Mr. Ajatt Oberoi delivers its business advisory services to a broad range of corporations of SMEs and MNCs alike. These services are available on retainer structures, depending on the needs of your business or alternatively more loosely on an annual cycle.

From Feng Shui assessments, selection of good dates for important activities and even strategic execution of launches and major events, a team of dedicated experts are assigned to ensure a personalized formula for success.


6.Annual Assessment:

Every year, the annual luck cycles and energies that affect all of us play an important role. Similar to the external forces of the market, annual luck cycles bring about clashes and combinations that could severely affect long term goals and strategies.

The annual assessment for business and careers is a yearly check-in to ensure that everything remains on track and problems are detected early. This is about taking ownership of your luck. And luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity.

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