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Fengshui Consultant For Home and Personal.
Fengshui Consultant For Home and Personal.
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1. Mentoring:

Success has different meanings to everyone. Mentoring is the only way a successful blueprint is tailored to an individual and the most powerful agent for learning and growth.

Mentorship is not for everyone. The best sportsman in the world needs a very good coach in order to develop his or her full potential. The best businessmen in the world need very good mentors to learn, bounce ideas and flourish. Our mentoring program ensures that the candidate knows the path and walks the path.


2. Relationship: 

Consulting in relationships is more than about giving advice. For some people, we transform their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety.

Chinese Metaphysics, BaZi and QiMen in particular, offer a clear and concise interpretation of a person’s relationships. Love, friendship, relationships, marriage, kids, parents, relatives, business partnerships and the rest can be a perplexing and complex subject, something as vast as the universe itself. Ultimately, moving forward is the goal and the key to happiness.


3. Wealth and Money:

What are your wealth stars? Which are your favorable directions? Where should your workplace be? Am I in the right field? What sectors or thing should I avoid at all cost? Where is the five-yellow?

More than just dollar and cents, a consult in Wealth & Money can give you a good bearing on the type of investments that best suit you, the type of career you should be in, job functions or industries you are more likely to be passionate about and also the timing factor where opportunities will come knocking.


4.   Health and Wellbeing:

Whether your issue is fitness or illness, whether it's physical or mental, whether it's you or someone you love, consulting for Health and Wellbeing can provide you with the correct and best strategy to partake in any given situation. It’s a matter of being aware of your current state where preventive actions can we taken.

A person’s natal or destiny chart provides us with indications and clues, a method of detection and early signs to do with health. Similar to the principles of Chinese Medicine, based on the 5 elements – a solution to the root of the problem is possible and evident in the charts.


5.  Annual Assessment: 

Periodic assessments enable early detection of any problems or opportunities that arise. Similar to performing yearly medical checkups, an annual assessment on Feng Shui and BaZi helps you prepare for the year ahead.

For the individual, you can look to greatly reducing risks in terms of financials, money related issues and most important of all health associated concerns. On the other end, you will also multiply your chances of success and increase your readiness for any known opportunities in the year.

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