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The pearl is one of the world’s oldest stones, located within the shells of oysters and molluscs.

Many legends have grown alongside the pearl. It has been called ‘the teardrop of the moon’ believed to be a rain drop that became the heart of an oyster.

People have found pearls valuable ever since they first located them and they still remain a popular and beautiful stone today.

The pearl is a bit of a famous stone worn by brides and princesses since time began. Although many women now choose diamonds, the pearl is still a favorite for many.

The pearl is connected to 5 months of the year but is typically the stone that represents Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. The pearl is said to be from the moon.

The pearl is linked to faith, trust and love so it’s a very romantic stone and is a great gift to give to someone that you love and value. The stone helps people make the right choice acting always from a place of love, honesty and kindness.

The stone is great for people who need focus, integrity, wisdom or guidance. It also encourages truth, consideration and loyalty from others because of its pure white form.

The pearl is a symbol of innocence but also of intelligence so wearing the pearl can make you behave in a more sincere way whilst not taking away your wisdom.

Pearls are classically worn as necklaces or rings but they can also be sewn onto clothing.

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