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Buy RED CORAL Online
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Red coral is a beautiful choice for anyone who wishes to carry with them the energy of the sea.

Coral is made of the skeletons of many tiny polyps which dwell in the water. When the polyps die, their skeletons harden into coral which can be found in all colours of the rainbow.

Red is the most popular because of its lively, vibrant colour and also because it is seen as a good omen that guards the wearer against a bad destiny. Coral has been used by cultures from all over the world in various forms of art because of its natural beauty.

People who suffer with skin problems should wear coral as a necklace as it protects against various diseases of the skin. Coral is protective; it brings luck and good will to people who need it most. Coral is also useful for those who are sick or unwell. It can bring its healing powers to the wearer and promote recovery.

Some believe that coral came from Mars, the red planet; as such it can bring fire, innovation, willpower and strength to the wearer. As coral comes from the sea, it is useful for anyone who is a water sign (Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces), as it gives them grounding, protection and strength.

Coral is a great gem to meditate with; sit with a piece of coral in your hand and imagine what you want to happen. The coral will bring you clarity, focus and intent. The red of coral brings passion, energy and meaning to life.

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