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The ruby is a magnificent stone with a long history. Fiery red, the ruby has been loved for centuries by Kings and Queens. It has become known as a virtuous stone and is symbolised by the sun. 

Many consider the ruby to be the most powerful gem stone of all; it has the properties of fire; it energizes, strengthens and emboldens the wearer.

Many believe that placing a ruby underneath your pillow will stop you having nightmares. Keeping a ruby in your pocket will keep you safe from the bad intentions of others.

A ruby is a great gem to wear for passion, purpose and strength but it’s also an ideal present representing love and friendship. As such, you can give a ruby to anyone and watch their face light up.

To wear the ruby as a ring on the left hand is thought to enhance its power. As a gift between lovers or partners, the ruby strengthens sexual passion and feelings of attachment, loyalty and love. If a person has a hard time seeing the best in themselves, the ruby can help them fall in love with themselves so to speak.

It’s a good present to give to a teenager, who may be struggling with puberty or someone who has recently come out of a bad relationship.

Rubies are commonly found in Thailand and Burma and represent the sun sign of Capricorn.

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