Libra Yearly Horoscope

Libra yearly Horoscope

( Sept 23 - Oct 22 )


Yearly Horoscope 2022
Characteristics of the Libra:
Libra sign born aim for a speedy development in life. Libra born is level-headed and has correct intuition, brilliant intellect, wise decision-making ability, and possess pleasant nature. Libra people are interested in business or become legal professionals.
2022 Horoscope for Libra Moon sign
A year full of possibilities and promises awaits the Libra natives, that is, the Thula Rasi people, while they may encounter only some minor setbacks. Saturn, the significator of career, will aspect your 10th House of career this year. So, there will be a lot of events and developments regarding your career. Jupiter is placed with Saturn in your 4th House, and so you will not have problems at home. But when Jupiter moves to Aquarius, your 5th House, and stays there for a few months, you may face some problems at home, since Saturn will be activated all alone in your 4th House of family. Here, Saturn's placement can also give you some profits from your home, especially from your maternal side. But Saturn can also keep you away from your family members owing to your work, and you may have to travel and live away from home for some time. Mother's health may need to be your priority as it could be a cause of concern. At the year beginning, Mars will be in your 7th House, and this could bring some misunderstandings and quarrels in your marital life. Please do not get angry with your spouse. From June-July, Mars will transit your 10th House, because of which you can get some rewards at your workplace. As Rahu will be posited in your 8th House, there may be some unnecessary expenses, and some hidden matters may come to the forefront. Some of you may get interested in acquiring occult knowledge and mystical powers (siddhis). For students, April-September will be a good period. However, studying for competitive exams needs to be taken up seriously to attain success. Some Librans can get married this year, and those who are single can find a suitable partner when Jupiter enters your 5th House in the second quarter of the year. Take care of your health as Saturn casts its aspect on your House of health, that is, the 6th House.
Libra natives can obtain favorable results in terms of their career this year. In June-July, Mars' transit in your 10th House of career can bring in lots of energy and enthusiasm in you to complete your tasks and projects. This may also enhance your reputation and earn you praise from your superiors, and they may give you more responsibilities at work. There are chances of your getting involved in some arguments at work, and so be careful and refrain from engaging in verbal duels. Since Saturn aspects your 10th House of career, you may put in hard work during the entire year. In April 2021, Jupiter will enter Aquarius, your 5th House, because of which you may get success in your career. You may also change jobs. If you do so, then the new job will suit your personality more than the old one. If you are doing business, make sure that the public can benefit from it, and that it has social value. This will ensure that you gain profits from your business. But be careful in the first quarter of 2021, as there are some chances of losses in your business. A few of you can do business with foreign clients this year or even go abroad for work projects.
Overall this maybe a year of mixed outcomes for your love life. Saturn will remain in your 4th House this year, because of which there is a possibility that you may distance yourself from your family, either due to work or due to some misunderstanding. Your mother's health may cause concern for you this year, and this could also contribute to some minor misunderstanding between you and your spouse, as taking care of your ailing mother may take away a significant amount of your time. Apart from this, your family environment will remain peaceful due to the saving grace of planet Jupiter in your 5th House. Yourself and your family members may want to renovate your house, and this can bring an opportunity for you to sit together and converse. Your relationship with your siblings will also be good this year. However, things might be slightly challenging when Mars enters your 7th House, which may give rise to some heated arguments with your spouse or with in-laws as, during February-April, Rahu and Mars will be posited in your 8th House. April-September is a good time to find love and or get married. February and December are also favorable in terms of love.
The financial status of Libra natives will be good at the beginning of this year. March and June-August may prove to be lucky for you in this regard. An auspicious event can also happen at the beginning of the year, which might consume your resources. The month of September will bring some unnecessary expenses, which may be stressful for you. Use your finances wisely and try to do some charity this year. Rahu in the 8th House can get you sudden gains and losses. You may also get a sudden in-flow of wealth through your in-laws, while a few may even win a lottery this year, but do not be disappointed if you lose some money. Wealth may also come from your mother and maternal side of the family. Overall, there will be no shortage of cash flow, but the problem will be due to an increase in your spending. Hence, try to curtail your expenses.
Student & Education:
Students born in the Libra Moon sign may have a good time this year and can make great academic progress. Specifically, April - September may bring in lots of possibilities and luck when Jupiter will be in your 5th House and aspecting the 9th House of higher education and foreign travel. However, if you are preparing to give any competitive exam or are awaiting the results of the same, then you must work extremely hard to get success. From May-August, you may obtain the fruits of your dedication and hard work and will be appreciated by your teachers and professors. This year will also be in your favor if you want to go abroad for higher studies, and you should come out with flying colors.
Libra natives have fewer chances of getting any major ailments this year; nevertheless are still advised to be cautious about their health. Rahu in the 8th and Ketu in the 2nd House could bring some minor issues such as upset stomach or oral diseases due to lack of oral hygiene. Avoid eating stale food or cold food directly taken out of the refrigerator and also, do not binge or overeat. During February-April and August, some small health issues may come up. Mars in Aquarius can motivate you to take care of your health and do more exercise. Try not to focus on your bodybuilding for the sake of looks and focus on getting your body and mind fit.
Grow a red rose plant in the garden at home and water it daily
You can light a lamp with the ghee obtained from cow’s milk for Mother Goddess Parvati on Thursdays, do Pooja to her, and do well in life
Favorable Months: January, May, June, August, September, October, November
Unfavorable Months: February, March, April, July, December

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