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Bejeweled White Elephant carrying Flaming Jewel
Bejeweled White Elephant carrying Flaming Jewel
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Bejewelled white elephant symbolizes superb wealth luck with abundance.

According to feng shui elephant is a powerful symbol of strength & fertility Elephant is very famous in all cultures, including Chinese, Indian and African.

Elephant is highly respected animal. In the Hindu religion, the Ganesha is the God with the head of an elephant.

In Chinese, the word “elephant” is phonetically similar to “Prime Minister”. The elephant is thus regarded as a symbol of vigour, aptitude, power and prominence and can be used to enhance the luck of the head of a household or company.

  1. You can display it on your working desk as this is said to attract good job opportunities/business opportunities. It also helps in preventing bad decisions.
  2. For businessmen, display an elephant on your desk in your office facing outwards. This is believed to provide you with fortification from your opponents, as well as induce victory on your business ventures.
  3. Also place your wish inside by lifting a blue cover placed on the back. Wish can be for job, business, relationship, health, children or fame.

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