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Five Element Pagoda
Five Element Pagoda
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This five element pagoda in five metals with the trinity of Tien, Ti and Ren, this item is finished with four different metallic colors - silver, gunmetal, gold and red brass.

The shape of this item has profound meaning, too - It represents the strengthening cycle of the 5 Elements, the basis of Feng Shui. The bottom is Earth, strengthening the Metal on top of it. The next shape is Water, which strengthens Wood and Fire tops off this lovely item in a clever maroonish design. 

Five element has an empty partitions, so you can fill it with soil, sand or crystal chips.

To enhance the effectiveness of this five element pagoda:-

  1. Keep soil from the garden of the rich person to bring abundance in wealth.
  2. Keep soil from the garden of scholar person to improve education luck for your child.
  3. Keep soil from holy place to bring tranquility & peace in the home

It is one of the most powerful Feng shui items to diminish the effect of flying star 5 yellow (5 yellow is the star causing serious sickness). For those who easily get sick, it is the best choice to carry it all time.

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