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Gomti Chakra
Gomti Chakra
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Gomati Chakra is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone It is believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual and Tantric rituals. 
Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is used as a Yantra & for worship.
It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. It also protects children.

Following are Some of the Recommendation for Using the Gomati Chakra:- 

  1. Some people bury Gomti Chakra in the foundation of buildings as it is believed to bless the residents with long life and prosperity. 
  2. For protection from enemies, it is advised to keep in black cloth remembering enemy and throw in to the flowing water.
  3. Some people hang it in front of the house, shops and buildings for peace and prosperity. 
  4. Vastu Consultant suggests eleven Gomti Chakras to be wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers. This is for food security. 
  5. In some region, Gomti Chakra is worshipped on the Diwali day along with Goddess Lakshmi. 
  6. Some people wear it like a pendant with silver cap.

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