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Swiss Cow Bell
Swiss Cow Bell
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Bells have served, among most peoples for thousands of years, as an amulet, fertility charm, curative agent, or purely musical instrument. Bell Symbolizes Celebration, Liberty, Gathering together, Music Magic

For centuries, it is believed that bell have the power to banish evil and invite good fortune. In the middle Ages, doctors suggested ringing bells to clear the air of disease.

Today, with growing interest in feng shui, more and more people are using bells in their homes and offices.

Bells are one of the important basic cures in Feng Shui. Using bells moderate chi’s circulation and can dispense malign energy.

The ringing bell attracts good chi (life energy), this creates a positive energy flow around. According to ancient sayings, positive flow of chi in one's life will result in a healthy, happy and lucky life full of balance and harmony.
Each time the bell rings, may your wish be granted.

Where to Place:-

  1. Hang in the inner handle of main door of home or office
  2. Hang cow bell in mirror hook in your personal vehicle

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