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Yellow Crystal ball
Yellow Crystal ball
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In feng shui, yellow it the color of wealth. It creates wealth luck, fortune, prosperity and more dollars in your income.

Yellow represents the power of the sun.

The color of the crystal is golden yellow, which is the strongest color associated to wealth. 

Crystal helps to harness positive flow of chi(energy).

According to Vaastu attract more positive energy by hanging in window to attract sun rays to the house.

Where to place the crystal?

  1. Place it in the southeast sector (wealth sector) of living rooms and business premises energize income, increase in wealth and prosperity and windfall luck. This is the most powerful sector to transmit your home's chi to become prosperity chi.
  2. Place it in the northwest to increase money luck from important people and helpful people. This is important for business pursuits and careers. Placing it in this sector will also bring you heaven luck.
  3. Place it in the north if you're seeking for material gains in career through more recognition and promotion opportunities.
  4. Place it on your work desk to create a differentiator between you and your competitors so that you could stay at the forefront of career advancement.
  5. Place it in the center of the home to ensure ultimate wealth success. Such placement does increase your money luck and speculative luck too. 

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