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Vaastu For Personal Visit At Your Place
Vaastu For Personal Visit At Your Place
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Ajatt Oberoi explains you about Vaastu and basic directions such as, how to analyze them, where these directions are situated in your building structure, what are their significance and power, etc.; so that you are aware of your Vaastu defects. As he visits, the analysis of your building structure is done very minutely, inch-by-inch is scanned by his sharp eyes.

Starting from the main door and completing all the things going clockwise in your building structure he explains all Vaastu defects that your place has. It also includes furniture analysis, color combinations, floor, the upholstery of your house and office. The decoration and pictures, wall hangings of your building structure are also analysed.

After detecting the defects, he reveals the all possible effects of the Vaastu defects on all the inmates of the structure. Different strata of society have different effects of the Vaastu defects.

The main and foremost part of his consultations are remedies. After the whole diagnosis he suggests you remedies without any demolition for all the Vaastu defects. He gives scientific logics for all the Vaastu remedies.

The best quality of Ajatt is to sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human body fields, he can sense them with his hands and body. He will guide you about any possible negative energy around you. If the energies are bad in your place he will guide you to clean the negative energies.

Out of the orthodox consultancy he has advanced knowledge of earth energies which are prevalent around us. Some areas on the earth have Geopathic stress (pain/pathy in the earth). If on these areas any building is made, the results give pain to the inmates of the building due to Geopathic stress/pain in the earth. Ajatt will guide you that your premises has Geopathic stress or not? The solutions for the Geopathic stress energy is also provided.

We should be aware that “Life is full of problems” Keeping this in mind Ajatt has developed a unique theory called “Live Vaastu” which can be applied to your life.

You can book an appointment for the personal visit by Ajatt in advance. He travels all over the world for his clients. His regular visits are made in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore, apart from all these places special visits can be booked. The fees for a visit depend on the size and type of the building.

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